Meet Cathleen Alyce...a little bit about me, and my VINTAGE HOME lifestyle...

I was fortunate to have grown up in the beautiful Northern California Gold County. I have moved back to my hometown and am living in a little Farmhouse Cottage in the Country on 20 acres with ponds and a place for animals - large and small & gardens galore.I'm living a handmade life, creating a home and a more self-reliant, self-sustainable lifestyle for myself and my loved ones. living life the old-fashioned down home way...

My love for selling Home Decor pieces and creating Handmade items goes back 30 yrs ago when I started my own handmade business, selling dried flower arrangements at Craft Fairs. I opened my first Brick & Mortar shop 5 yrs later in the Northern California Gold Country.

As life changes happen; what has never changed is my love of finding, creating and sharing those items with others to love and to enjoy as much as I do. I only sell what I love and what I would have in my own Farmhouse Decor Home. These days, I've turned to the online way of selling. I love what I’s the thrill of the hunt that I am passionate about...finding treasures to embellish my life or to pass it on to someone else to enjoy.

If I'm not on the hunt for treasures; I'm in my studio creating handmade pieces, in my kitchen cooking from scratch, in my gardens or tending to my little farm animals. Building my Vintage Farmhouse Lifestyle with a modern day Homestead Spirit.

I truly love what I do and I hope you do too!

Sincerely & Alway with Love,

Cathleen Alyce
VINTAGE HOME lifestyle

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